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Q. How do I change Property Managers?
Q. What do you do to find me a good tenant quickly?
Q. How often do you inspect my property?
Q. How often will I receive statements & rental monies?
Q. What happens if repairs need to be completed on my property?
Q. Can you pay my rates, water & body corporate accounts on my behalf?
Q. Can I charge tenants for water used & if so, how long until my tenants make payment?
Q. What is a rent credit and why does it show on my statement?
Q. I would like to inspect my property. What is the process?
Q. How do you determine how much my home is worth?
Q. What are the different methods of selling my home?
Q. What are the fees associated with selling my property?
Q. Can I sell my house on my own?
Q. Can I sell my property while it is tenanted?
Q. How frequently and by which methods do you communicate with your home sellers?
Q. My application has been approved. What is the two week deposit for?
Q. Should I not be two weeks in advance, as I paid two weeks rent when I first moved in?
Q. How much does it cost to pay rent on a credit card?
Q. What is the rent credit, showing on my tenant ledger?
Q. Can my pet come inside my property?
Q. I am being billed for water. Why?
Q. Why am I being billed for water 3-6 months after a reading has been taken?
Q. My hot water is not hot or runs out after a few minutes, what should I do?
Q. I want to install a phone line or Internet will the owner pay the installation cost and connection fee? 
Q. Can I install picture hooks ?
Q. My light bulb has blown, is this my responsibility to replace?
Q. I have power to lights, but not my power points. What should I do?
Q. How long after I vacate can I expect the RTA to release my bond?
Q. Can I attend the exit inspection?
Q. Am I required to get the property cleaned when I vacate?